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Mosby Guitars

The Finest In Handmade Custom Guitar and Banjo Straps.

All of my custom guitar and banjo straps are luxuriously finished. The edges are rounded and hand burnished to a glassy sheen. The strap is suede lined and a genuine sheepskin shoulder pad is standard unless otherwise specified. All of the carving is done by hand my me. It is my goal to achieve the highest possible quality. Your custom designs are welcome and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Please check out the options below. Since all of my straps are custom made, pricing varies with every strap. Please call or email me for a price quote.

To view the styles of straps available please click the on the icons below.

Western straps. Flame Straps. Filigree Straps Carved and Painted Designs. Inspirational Straps Vintage Straps Signature Straps

Adjusting Your Strap

Shoulder pad

Buckles and matching conchos.

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