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The Shelton Bender System

US and International Patents Pending

"The first bender system I've felt good about using" - John Jorgenson (The Hellecasters, Elton John, The Desert Rose Band, Nashville session ace)
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Neck attachment plate and lever.
Side view of bridge. Actuator post Closeup of actuator post.

John Shelton (above right with John Jorgenson at left) is an inventor/musician from Great Britain who came up with an ingenious bender system for the guitar. It is almost invisible and a minimum of routing is required to install it. I am pleased to offer his "B" bender system for $495.00 installed plus shipping. For guitars with the old style 3 saddle bridges the bridge will need to be upgraded to a modern 6 piece bridge for $65 including parts.

"Hi Jeff, I put the guitar and the new Shelton Bender through the paces last night at our show. I must say, I was very impressed. The bender was dead on accurate, and stayed perfectly in tune throughout our hour and a half set. Both the pull and the return are very positive, and you're right, there is no spongy feel at all. The pull stops right on pitch. I am extremely pleased with the Shelton Bender, and your craftsmanship and installation is superb. I couldn't be happier. As you know, I've played several different styles and types of benders in the past, but the Shelton Bender is truly a step ahead of the rest. The Shelton is what string bending is supposed to be about. Again, thanks so much! Lot's of compliments on the strap too! Take care, Bill"

John Jorgenson/John Shelton.