These straps feature highly detailed floral carving. The edge lacing and buckstitching are done with kangaroo lace. Kangaroo is the strongest leather in the world for its weight.

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"Dear Jeff: My name is Tony C. and I ordered a custom guitar strap from you not too long ago. Jeff, your work is of superior craftsmanship. I ordered the Christian Cross strap in chocolate brown. This is the most beautiful piece of craftsmanship I've ever seen. Everyone who has seen this strap gets mesmerized. They can't take their eyes off of it. Jeff, I'm interested in ordering another strap from you. I'm interested in the blue flame strap, two tone blue on black leather with my initials carved in at the bottom. I would like it in a 44" length. Thank you. May the good Lord Bless You Jeff. " Your friend Tony C.