Mosby Guitars - Custom Inlay

All of my inlays are hand cut. No CNC equipment is used.

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Fingerboard inlays.

Headstock inlays.

Fingerboard dots.

Custom Pickguards, etc.

Custom truss rod covers.

Tiger and Cobra Inlay

The above categories contain several examples for you to view.

Since all of my inlays are done on a custom basis, pricing varies with every project.
Please call or email me for a price quote. I have alot of people ask me for OM and Eagle covers for PRS guitars. I cannot make these due to trademark restrictions so please don't ask.

The best way to make an instrument uniquely yours is to have a custom inlay done. The most beautiful instruments in the world often feature exotic inlays that set them apart from their counterparts. Tastefully designed and flawlessly crafted, they provide the ultimate statement of individuality and style.

Inlays can be as simple or ornate as you prefer. I use a wide variety of materials to achieve what in the end will be an elegant accent on a beautiful musical instrument. Materials used include: mother of pearl, red and green abalone, paua shell, pink oyster, tagua nut, sterling silver, gold, brass, copper, aluminum, corian, reconstituted stone such as turquoise and malachite, plastics, various wood veneers and generally anything that will work to produce the result we are after. You can see some samples of my work by clicking on the images above.

"Jeff, Some news from the swiss TRC...I received it on Friday (march 08) in perfect condition. Before to set it up on my Taylor I only had A guitar, now it's MY guitar ! It is a quite simple design but I didn't want something too sophisticated on a simple guitar like my 414. The blue note illuminates the guitar when it is well enlightened. I definitely love it ! Thanks for the great work and be sure that someday I will contact you again for a new deal ! Christian, from Switzerland."

Jeff, I received the TRC on Saturday. All I can say is WOW! It is gorgeous! Again, as I said when I got my custom strap, you are a true craftsman. The quality of your work is impeccable, and second to none! Thank you so very much. As always, it was a pleasure doing business with you. - Gary