Mosby Guitars - Glow in the dark side position dots.

Glow in the dark dots.

Incredible simulation!

Ever felt like you needed a miners helmet lamp to see where you were when the lights go down and the stage is dark? A fellow guitarist came to me one day and mentioned how difficult it was to see where he was on the guitar neck when the lights went down during a performance. He joked about dots that glowed in the dark. Well, to make a long story short, I searched and found a material that would glow enough to be seen in low light and total darkness. I am proud to offer these dots for $10.00 each installed (most guitars have 10 or 11 side dots). Incidentally, my friend came back to me the day after using his new "glow dots" and raved about them. He said they solved the problem and made him the envy of all his band mates.

P.S. I was working with a bass player at a local music theater last winter. He had me install the glow dots on his bass after hearing about them. To make a long story short, I was standing next to him on stage during a very dark segue and there were the dots, just glowing away. It was great to see them in action. He was happy and not lost, I was happy too.

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