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Mosby Guitars - Custom electric guitar covers.

Rose Pattern (Full view) Rose pattern (body) Rose pattern with matching strap. Rose pattern (neck area) Rose pattern (side view) Rose pattern (control plate area) Rose pattern (Neck plate) Rose Pattern (Neck joint, bass side)

The "Rose" Pattern

Acanthus 1 (Full view) Acanthus 1 (Bridge left) Acanthus 1 (Control plate area) Acanthus 1 (Upper bout) Acanthus 1 (Upper strap button) Acanthus 1 (Neck joint) Acanthus 1 (Neck joint, rear view)
Waylon and Dave
Acanthus 1 (Closeup of carving) Electro socket input jack. Acanthus 1 (Before dye work)

The "Acanthus 1" Pattern

The "Acanthus 2" Pattern

Natural color full view Natural color upper body Natural color, bass side Natural color, control plate area Natural color, lower body
"Jeff, I received my guitar yesterday afternoon and could not believe it when I saw my guitar cover. I sat and stared in total amazement at the magnificent quality of your workmanship. I am thoroughly impressed and so is everyone at work who has seen it. Their laudatory comments would require too much space on your web site, but let me assure you, they loved it. To anyone who reads the customer comments section of this web site, let me assure you that Jeff produces the most beautiful leatherwork I have ever seen and I have seen some great leather work on guitars, Jeff's is absolutely the "Very best". Jeff, thank you very much, I deeply appreciate the hard work you put into my guitar cover. I love it." Bob Adams - Texas
Hi Jeff, I received my guitar this afternoon. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words but it certainly does no justice for the beautiful craftmanship that you have put into this instrument. I was nearly brought to tears when I open the case and saw first hand what I waited so long for. I have had nothing but praise from the people that have asked to see the guitar. I'm really proud to mention your name to anybody who asked who done such a fantastic job. A thousand thank you's for a job well done. Your's truly, Chief Everett "REV" Martin

These guitar covers are a dramatic and elegant visual statement. They are beautiful yet functional. Being a professional musician myself for the past twenty years I am very familiar with the requirements of live performance. My guitar covers are not merely a "cover". They become integrated into the instrument and in no way inhibit the normal function of the guitar. Tone is not affected to any noticeable degree and the increase in weight is modest. Because the instrument is setup to factory specs before it leaves my shop you can be assured that your guitar will still be a guitar meant to be played and not merely an art piece to be admired from afar.

The string height in relation to the guitar top remains unchanged through the use of a rosewood shim that is the thickness of the leather top. This is placed in the neck pocket. This insures that the neck to body joint is not compromised. The bridge sits on top of a similar shim so that the sustain characteristics of the guitar are not altered.

Several patterns are available and custom designs are welcome as well. Custom fingerboard inlays are also available to complete the picture. Many colors schemes are available. I am pleased to offer several different designs including a Waylon Jennings replica.

The covers are priced as follows:
The Black and White "Waylon" style cover: $2,500.00
The natural cover (black or brown background with natural design): $2,250.00
Additional design considerations are negotiable.

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