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Jeff, Some news from the swiss TRC...I received it on Friday (march 08) in perfect condition. Before to set it up on my Taylor I only had A guitar, now it's MY guitar ! It is a quite simple design but I didn't want something too sophisticated on a simple guitar like my 414. The blue note illuminates the guitar when it is well enlightened. I definitely love it ! Thanks for the great work and be sure that someday I will contact you again for a new deal ! Christian, from Switzerland.

Jeff, I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful job you did on the custom strap for my husband Matt. (The strap with the skulls and blue flames) The detail was incredible and I couldn't have been more pleased. It turned out great. Thank you again so much for putting a rush on it and making sure I got it in time for his birthday, the look on his face was priceless. I'm looking forward to doing business with you in the future. Thanks again. Amanda K.

Dear Mr.Mosby, Just wanted to pen a quick note, I received the guitar strap today, and was truly awed by the craftsmanship and beauty. It is rare to find someone willing to craft one of a kind pieces of art these days. Your skill and unique artistic eye have given me a gift for my friend that he I am sure will cherish for many years to come. Thank you so very much, and I hope to treat myself soon to a guitar strap so I can stop being envious of his. Take Care, Tim H.

Jeff - I just wanted to thank you for such an outstanding piece of quality craftsmanship. It is extremely comfortable and makes playing my bass extremely pleasure able. - Kevin M.

I received the eagle truss rod cover on Friday of last week. You did an excellent job! I am very pleased with it. I will definitely keep you in mind for any other guitar work I may need. Thanks again for the great work. - Steven C.

Dear Jeff: Just a short note to tell you how very, very pleased my husband was with the snakeskin strap. He put it on his Gibson, Les Paul which is very heavy and he can't believe how much of a difference it makes. He is playing it more and he says "better". He truly appreciates the quality and workmanship you put into this piece. Thank you for making his birthday so special. He is telling all his friends.... Best wishes... Lorraine.

Hi Jeff, Thank you so much for sending the strap. I received it yesterday and not only does it look good - it fits! I have another week on the Sound of Music tour and will get you a photo when I return. Take good care, Barry (Williams)

Hi, Jeff: Just got the custom guitar strap from you today. It looks GREAT! You definitely do quality work. I am sure my friend will be very pleased to receive the strap for his upcoming birthday. I certainly will remember you for all future custom projects. Thanks!!

Hi Jeff, I got my strap today and it is superb. I am very pleased and I have to say that your work is excellent. I am doing some demo work for Fender this month so i will be advertising you well. Maybe I will get you a few orders. Thanks again. Tony

Dear Jeff, There's no way I would have imagined a guitar strap so gorgeous! Your photos are good but the smell of that leather, the feel of the sheepskin shoulder pad and the quality stitching and overall craftmanship is incredible beyond expectation! The only thing I regret is not buying it for myself! Thanks Jeff! Pete Laflamme

Hi Jeff, I received my strap Monday,Feb.19. I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am or what a great job you did on tooling the Gibson Fire bird logo into the strap. The length is wonderful, the extra wide 4" width is great, I've paid at least a third as much for a cheap leather strap that I had to customize and lengthen myself. For the value of the guitar, the price of a custom made strap is minimal comparatively speaking. My lefty 1965 Firebird VII never looked or has hung better. I have other guitars( Gibsons) that deserve just as great of a strap as soon as I come up with a design and the Finances to give each guitar the strap they deserve. I'm very pleased and would and will recommend you to anyone who is looking to doing right by their prized or favorite guitar. I'm looking forward to this being the first of many transactions with you, thanks again, Jeff Hall

Jeff, I just received the guitar strap. It's beautiful. In fact, I'm thinking of changing my name and keeping it! Thank you so much. Robyn

Jeff, Just got the banjo strap today. It is awesome!! Not only does it look great, but it is much more functional than my old strap. It fits perfectly, the snaps work great and it is much more sturdy than most of the flimsy straps on the market. You are a real craftsman and I would highly recommend you to anyone. Thanks, Ron

Jeff, I just got my strap today! Right on the date you promised too. It is beautiful, I love it. I'm playing this weekend and I'm sure it will turn some heads. I'll be sure to tell them where I got it from. Thanks again, Nathan M.

Jeff , The strap was a great success, she has carried it all over the place showing it off. The workmanship is breathtaking. I feel however that the photos on your site cannot justify the beauty nor the craftsmanship. I know without a doubt that she will get a million questions about where she got it and how they can get one. 100 Gold Stars and 100 ATTABOYS must go into your ledger of achievements. GOD BLESS YOU JEFF. THANKS AGAIN, F.M.HIROSKEY

Jeff, I received my guitar yesterday afternoon and could not believe it when I saw my guitar cover. I sat and stared in total amazement at the magnificent quality of your workmanship. I am thoroughly impressed and so is everyone at work who has seen it. Their laudatory comments would require too much space on your web site, but let me assure you, they loved it. To anyone who reads the customer comments section of this web site, let me assure you that Jeff produces the most beautiful leather work I have ever seen and I have seen some great leather work on guitars, Jeff's is absolutely the "Very best". Jeff, thank you very much, I deeply appreciate the hard work you put into my guitar cover. I love it. Bob Adams - Texas

Jeff, I received the strap and it's PERFECT!! Nice work!! Thanks so much again. Best of success in the future. Sincerely, Carrie C.

Jeff, The strap just came in and it is awesome!!! I am not a guitar player, so I don't really realize how cool it is, but I had a good friend of mine try it on and he was totally stoked for my brother to get it. Now I just have to wait another 2 weeks to give it to him. You have been very professional to work with from the very beginning and I thank you for helping me out with this project and working within my necessary time frames. If you ever need a good reference, feel free to give out my name. Thanks again, Rob Fuller

"Mosby straps are simply of the highest quality. I will never be without one" - Dwayne Dolphin

My name is Doug S. and an old friend of the family, Guy A. had the Thunderbird strap made for me...what a great surprise and a great addition my gear! Your craftsmanship is a great talent and I'm sure you have made many people happy! I am the envy of all guitar-pickin' thunderbirds! Once again, thanks for the great job! Sincerely, Doug S.

I received and installed the GREAT truss rod cover you made for me. Many thanks it looks SUPER and thanks for getting it done as fast as you did. You are a true craftsman! Sincerely, Gary I.

Jeff, the strap looks fantastic my son is going to freak. Thanks again for another great work of art.I'll be in touch with my next order. Thanks again, Guy

Jeff , I got the strap today. You did a wonderful job it fits great! I can't tell you how pleased I am with the two straps you made for me. The workmanship and materials are strictly first class. I'll be ordering a third strap in a little while for my son and it probably won't be the last. Jeff , thanks again....."Great Job"! Guy

Jeff, I just got my strap, and it kicks ass! It's Perfect! I didn't even have to adjust it. Thanks a million. - Nicholas P.

Jeff, The only thing that we can say, right now, it that you have managed to even surpass our highest expectations of quality and excellence. I knew that you could do it, but I didn't expect that you would surpass that expectation. This is just a short note, a feeble attempt, to convey our appreciation of your artistic abilities. After actually viewing, touching, and staring at this for an hour or more the words still do not come to adequately communicate our feelings and appreciation. Thanks does not adequately express our feelings and emotions at this moment, however, it is all we can seem to get out right now. (We are speechless!) Your friends and honored customers, Dave"Outlaw" and Bunny.

Jeff, thanks heaps. The banjo strap is beautiful! Quality materials and workmanship from the binding and the lettering and the background. - Ray F.

Jeff - Just a note to let you know that the PRS truss rod cover (the eagle) arrived safe and sound here in Kansas. It is BEAUTIFUL!! Very nicely crafted, a work of art - it makes the headstock come alive. The pearl, red/green abalone that you used are an excellent combination. Once the PRS Forum gets further in its discussion about a truss rod cover (probably after NAMM), I'm going to recommend that they contact you. I'll let them know of your quality work and how pleased I am with my "investment." Again thanks! - Mike H.

Jeff it ROCKS. It is so beautiful! - JMH

Jeff ~ The strap arrived Monday afternoon. I think that I turned out great. You do nice work. I appreciate the efforts you made to have it complete before your tour. Did your tour go well? Houston is a country / rock sort of town. I can send you venue names if you are ever interested in coming down this way. Hey ... Do you do rifle straps? It might be a good gift idea for my father. I'll keep the wallets, etc. in mind too. Thanks, ~ Landon

Jeff, The Eagle showed up yesterday. It's killer! The wings are killer, as is the body. You do really good work Jeff. It fit perfect! I'm going to use the first eagle to replace the first inlay you did for me. Jeff, I can't thank you enough. I love your work. It is exactly what I was looking for when I first contacted you. I also feel as if I have made a friend. I hope that you get lots of business from any contact with the PRS forum. Thanks a lot Jeff. I am very happy! Thanks! Ed.

I got it today and it looks GREAT!!!!!! Thanks so much and I'll be sure to tell others where I got it done. Thanks again and good luck in your business. I'll watch your site for anything new you may be up to. - Barry

Hi Jeff, Just got the truss rod cover and it's better than I ever imagined! Great fit and workmanship. It looks great on my guitar. Thanks again and I'll be talking to you soon about another one and a custom strap. Regards, Rich Vl

Jeff - The PRS truss rod cover arrived today and I am totally blown away. It is absolutely gorgeous. The pictures on your web site DO NOT do your work justice!! This is a great piece of art! - Jack H.

Jeff - I have received it (the truss rod cover) last week and it fits like a glove! Your work is fantastic! Thanks very much. Pat R.

Jeff - RE: The PRS OM truss rod cover. The OM TRC arrived safe and sound in Kansas City. It is very cool and adds a nice touch to the headstock of my PRS Singlecut! The light-colored ebony with the dark streaks running through it is very unique. The OM inlay looks particularly nice on this particular piece of wood. This is my second TRC that you made for me, the first being an eagle inlay, and again I was not disappointed! Most excellent work indeed!! - Mike

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